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Customize Your Sheds with Empire

Here at Empire Sheds, we know unequivocally that not everyone’s shed needs are one-size-fits-all. We are proud to offer Orlando highly customizable shed options in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations. We can create a structure that is completely unique in roof style and siding, and even implement a specific number of windows where needed. We have myriad choices available for all-aluminum, baked enamel, and ultraviolet-resistant exteriors, and we don’t stop there! Because we only deal in high quality buildings and sheds, we are also an exclusive Robin Builders dealer.
We build these structures to not only last for years and years to come, but we also build them to withstand the kinds of high winds and wild weather that Florida can bring. Our warranty promises 30 years of rust resistance. With pressure-treated flooring and hurricane clips coming standard, you can trust that Empire Sheds has truly thought of everything you’ll need to stay standing and protected in the Orlando climate. Our custom shed offerings are also available in an eclectic array of body and trim colors, so you know that whether you’re wanting to blend in with your surroundings or stand out in the neighborhood, we’ve got you covered. Rent-to-own financing with minimal money down is one of our staples because we want to make customizable outdoor storage accessible for all Orlandoans regardless of credit score. If you’re looking to expand your outdoor storage space, you shed definitely give us a call!

Check out our warranty!

  • Our guaranteed to you is 30 years against rust corrosion.
  • We’re an exclusive Dealer of Robin Builders Sheds.
  • Rated # 1 in customer satisfaction!
  • Every shed comes with a 45″ or a 61″ Robin Door. We also offer Mobile Home Doors in 36″, 48″, and 60″.

Shed Body Colors and Trim Colors

The colors choices below are the combination of what you are able to pick to match your home or just blend it in to your natural enviroment. You can choose the Standard Colors to be your body color and trim color. You can also choose the Additional Standard Colors for body colors. There is a 10% up charge. The most popular colors are the Standard Colors. Example: Body Color: Cream Trim Color: Polar.

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